Harvard's Leading Antisemite


Following the October 7 attack on Israel by Hamas, students at Harvard University signed a statement in support of the terrorists and blaming the victims.

The one thing Harvard did right in all of this was to create an antisemitism task force. But professors from the university released a letter condemning Gay for creating that task force.

They were “profoundly dismayed by your November 9 message entitled ‘Combating Antisemitism.’”

Atalia Omer is one of the professors who signed this letter.

That's right. They don’t think students should be allowed to make transphobic comments but DO think they should be allowed to shout “from the river to the sea” and call for the ethnic cleansing of Jews.

They also claim to be committed to free expression at Harvard…even though their university is dead last in FIRE’s ratings for free speech.

As of December 12, the university has not disciplined the faculty involved.